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Other Goodness

Want to add to your wellness plans or self-knowledge with some fun not-so-ordinary tools?

The services below are provided outside the umbrella of "therapy", but can be fun ways to work on your goals and better understand yourself!

Personalized Hypnotherapy Recordings

Recorded hypnotherapy packages individualized to help you meet your goals. Recorded hypnotherapies include a detailed written intake where your goals or target issues are clearly defined, so that your recordings are uniquely suited to you & meeting your needs. If the generic YouTube hypnosis you've tried doesn't work - it's because it's not for YOU!

3 recordings are provided for download & use at your convenience. Save & reuse as often as you like.

Music, binaural beats, and more are available and included with your recordings - I'll get your preferences and needs when you submit your request.

For more info, visit my contact me page! 


Personal Astro-Psychology Reports

This report details astrological placements in your personal astrology chart, explains what astrological influences may hold the most weight with you & even habits that might impact you. Astrological events that may be influencing the energy around you are discussed. For more information or to set up your personalized astro-psychology report, visit my contact me page.

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