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New (and Fun) Things!

Just a quick announcement blog about some new services I’ve started to provide:

Individualized recorded hypnotherapy sessions. Hypnotherapy is a great addendum to a self-care or self-growth plan. Hypnotherapy can help with breaking bad habits, sleep, relaxation, self-awareness, and many other issues and goals. If you’ve tried generic hypnotherapy via YouTube or other apps and found that it doesn’t help or that it helps with sleeping but not much else, it may be because it’s not designed specifically for you. While I’m not offering live “in session” hypnotherapy at present, I am writing and designing hypnosis sessions tailored to individual needs complete with original music designed to complement your goals and binaural effects. The intake process for this is digital, in text, and your recording(s) are emailed you when ready.

Astro-Psychology Personal Reports combine psychology and astrology in a fun way to provide you with a personality profile and present influences you may be experiencing. This report can serve self-discovery and awareness. In the report you’ll find your personal astrology chart, astrological influences that may be at play in your life, and influences on the energy around you. There are two options available for these reports: with an accompanying session to discuss and with the report as a standalone emailed to you.

These tools aren't a replacement for therapy, but they're great addendums that can be fun and provide you with some additional tools for growth and introspection. I’m really excited to be incorporating and including these alongside the holistic approach to science-backed therapy, although they’re separate from therapy itself.


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